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They are looking in the UK for a person who imported the Brazilian variant of the corona virus

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London (AFP)

Considering the concerns of experts about the resistance of this variant to the current vaccines, the British government on Monday appealed to find someone who had imported the strain of the corona virus from Brazil to the United Kingdom.

The strain that appeared in Manas in the Brazilian Amazon was found in three people who came to Scotland and three people in the UK, but could not find one of the latter because he did not provide his data on the form when he performed the test.

Secretary of State for Vaccination Nadeem Zahawi asked the BBC to “report anyone who tested on February 12” to the authorities if you did not get the results.

It also announced the launch of a campaign called “Extensive Tests” in Gloucestershire, south of the UK, where two other cases of this variant were found.

With the worst-affected country in Europe, nearly 123,000 deaths confirmed by Covit-19, the United Kingdom has focused its strategy on a massive vaccination campaign that began on December 8 and has already reached more than 20 million of the country’s 66 million people, currently defined for the third time since January.

Since mid-January, direct flights from South America, Panama and Portugal have been suspended, with only British and residents allowed to enter from that appearance, subject to 10 days of isolation at a hotel from 16 February.

But the people who imported the strain to England had previously arrived on a plane from Sao Paulo via Zurich, provoking complaints from the British opposition about deficiencies in the control system.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended himself on Monday, saying “we have the world’s toughest border regime to prevent us from entering this country of worrying differences”, underscoring the “massive effort” his executive has made to use it. “Activities” such as hotel isolations are more difficult.

“We have no reason at present to believe that our vaccines against these new strains are ineffective,” he told reporters during a visit to a school in Stoke-on-Trent in the north of the UK.

As the UK prepares to reopen its schools next week, experts warn that the Brazilian variant is highly contagious and will be more resistant to current vaccines than the current major variant in the country, which was discovered in southeastern England in December.