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They are coming to Prince Phillips’ funeral – advised against Megan

Only 30 people are allowed to attend to corona infections



Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in defiance of tradition, will not attend Prince Phillips’ funeral next Saturday.

But grandson Prince Harry is coming – without Megan.

Experts believe that the death of the prince may have been an opportunity for Harry to seize his relationship with the family.

The whole of Britain mourns the death of Prince Phillips. But when Prince Philip is taken to his last rest on Saturday, only the closest circle will be allowed to attend.

The Duke of Edinburgh is entitled to a state funeral as his consort, but when he reveals himself that he does not want any major “bumps”, a royal, more slender funeral will take place for him.

He will not lie down either Bed state And will be shown to the public.

Further corona infection sets further limits Ceremony. Only 30 people from the immediate circle will be allowed to attend St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. Among those mourning, Queen Elizabeth, along with her children Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, is expected to be attended by her grandchildren and many of the immediate family, The BBC writes.

“Forced to stay away”

All will keep distance by wearing mouth guards in accordance with the country’s coronary regulations. The public is asked to stay away when the Prince is taken to church in a coffin carrying eight coffins with Prince Charles and several family members.

It is good practice and tradition for the country’s prime minister to attend, but the government has announced that Boris Johnson will step down so that he can say goodbye as closely as possible.

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The British media initially began to speculate as to whether Prince Harry and Megan would come. Considering the splits that arose in the royal family after the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, they, among others, leveled racist allegations against the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Megan is advised not to travel

But now it has been confirmed that Harry, 36, who was very close with his grandfather, is coming to the funeral on Saturday. According to the Daily Mail He will reunite with his family in Windsor on a private jet from his home in California.

According to several media reports, the two were united in their interest in the military, and Prince Philip must have been proud of his grandson’s military career.

– Harry was very close with his grandfather. A source in the New York Post says he would like to be there no matter how bad the relationship between the Sussex couple and the royal family is.

But Megan, who is pregnant with the couple’s other children, did not come after the doctor advised her not to travel.

Photo: Matt Dunham / DT News Agency

Queen Elizabeth, Megan Markle and Prince Harry.

Crack can be cured

This is the first visit to Harry’s home since he and Meghan left royal life in Britain. Many now believe that the death of Prince Phillips after a deep rift that arose after the Oprah interview will unite the family.

– Harry will undoubtedly want to be there, which could start a healing process for the current split in the royal family. Richard Fitzwilliams says his grandfather will undoubtedly welcome the monarchy he has supported throughout his life, strengthened by a reconciliation that began after his death. To the Daily Mail.

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The British government declared national mourning until the day after the prince’s funeral. The queen has also announced a 14-day mourning period for the royal family. At that time, members will wear black mourning ribbons.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman commented on the time to come:

– At the same time it is a time of tragedy and tragedy, an opportunity to celebrate a better life in the days to come.


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