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There will be no Oscar for Aki Kaurismäki – Hufvudstadsbladet

There will be no Oscar for Aki Kaurismäki – Hufvudstadsbladet

Despite all the success, Aki Kaurismäki was not among the names when this year's Oscar nominations were announced.

Aki Kaurismäki He failed to make it to this year's Oscars with the famous film Autumn leaves falling (Cole smiled).

It was clear when this year's Academy Awards nominations were presented during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon Finnish time. Autumn leaves falling It did not become one of the five films that have a chance to be named the best non-English language film of the year during the ceremony that will be held on March 10.

The films nominated for this category are: Teachers' lounge (Germany), Ayo Capitano (Italy), Perfect days (Japanese), Snow Association (Spain), Area of ​​interest (United kingdom).




This year's Oscar nominees are…

the best movie:

Best direction

best actor:

Best Actress:

Best Supporting Actress:

Best Supporting Actor:

Best international film:

It was named the best film of the year

Aki Kaurismaki's short and beautiful love story about Ansa (Alma Puesti) and hoolaba (Jussi Vatanen) has had a fantastic year behind him, and has been praised internationally.

First, it was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, then it was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Non-English Language Film of the year. But the award went to the French film free fall (Anatomy of a case).

Alma Puesti and Jussi Vatanen play the main roles in the falling comedy-drama.

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Photo: Mala Hokanen/Sputnik/Press Photo

In December, the American magazine was listed Time magazine The film is considered the best film of the year. Regarding the Golden Globes, there have been many people speculating about it Autumn leaves falling It will also be nominated for an Academy Award.


This was the fifth time that Kaurismäki was selected for the Finnish Academy Award in October last year. In December, it became clear that the film was one of fifteen films competing to become one of the five films nominated before the ceremony.


Kaurismäki once made it to the Oscars. It was 2002 with the movie The man without memory (Do not worry) which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Award in 2003.

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