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Then the funeral of Prince Phillips

Then the funeral of Prince Phillips

Prince died on Friday, April 9, at the age of 99, after undergoing surgery for heart problems in the spring and being treated at the hospital.

The guest list will include members of the Queen and the Prince’s family, as well as the Prince’s three German relatives, at the funeral on Saturday afternoon in St. George’s Chapel. BBC Published. To accommodate the family, neither British Prime Minister Boris Johnson nor other politicians attended. According to corona restrictions, there can only be 30 people inside the church.

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In 2003 Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth of Scotland. The photo was posted on the royal family’s Instagram account before the funeral.

Photo: Countess of Wessex / Buckingham Palace via AB

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Flowers outside St. George’s Chapel.

Photo: Steve Parsons / AFP

All present The mouth guard is worn, and Queen Elizabeth sits alone.

– She is the queen, and she behaves with the special dignity and courage with which she excels. At the same time, Archbishop Justin Welby told Reuters he was saying goodbye to a man he had been married to for 73 years.

– I think there will be tears in the homes of many because they will think of others, they are lost, will never meet again, tears for funerals they could not attend due to the rules of 30 guests, he continues.

Prior to the funeral, the Queen shared a personal photo of the couple taken in Scotland in 2003.

The coffin was carried in one Short Procession to church on Land Rover, designed by Prince Philip. That work began in 2003, when the prince was 82 years old, he writes BBC.

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Land Rover taken to the coffin church.

Land Rover taken to the coffin church.

Photo: Steve Parsons / AFP

At 4 pm Swedish time, there was a minute of silence in the country before the ceremony. The public has been asked not to be near the church as the corona infection is spreading.

The British media is likely to come To focus on how the British Royals are behaving to Prince Harry, who came from California to attend. In a high-profile interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, among others, said that someone or some in the royal family should have been concerned about how dark skin tone their son Archie would get. Megan Markle has been living in the United States since she was pregnant.

In the short procession with the coffin, Prince Harry could not walk next to Prince William.

The eight-day period of national mourning ends with the day of the funeral.

Swedish royal family When Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth met Gustaf VI Adolf and Queen Louis in 1956, they drew attention to the funeral by sharing pictures of state visits – the latter being Prince Philip’s aunt.

Prince Philip is the Knight of the Order of Seraphim, so a seraphim sounded at Ritterhome Church in Stockholm at 12 noon on Saturday. Traditionally the ring lasted an hour.

At Castle in Stockholm, the half mast is flagged off on Saturday.

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