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Czech Republic expels 18 Russian ambassadors - suspected agents |  Foreign

Czech Republic expels 18 Russian ambassadors – suspected agents | Foreign

The Czech Republic expels 18 people working at the Russian embassy in the country. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the country Andrzej Babik.

The Czech Security Service has identified the diplomats as employees of the Russian security services SVR and GRU.

According to Babik, there is clear evidence that Czech officials were involved in an explosion at a military ammunition depot in 2014 by Russian agents of the military intelligence service GRU.

Two people were killed in the blast.

Expelled diplomats have been given 48 hours to leave the country.

“Like UK 2018”

Czech Foreign Minister John Hamasek says he regrets that the incident affects relations between the Czech Republic and Russia.

“After trying poison in Salisbury in 2018, we look like the UK,” Hamasek said.

Hamzek cites the case of Russian dual agent Sergei Skribal, who was poisoned with nerve gas in Salisbury, England, along with his daughter Julia.

Russia has denied any involvement in the case, which led to the deportation of 300 Russian ambassadors.

Meanwhile, Czech police announced on Saturday that they were looking for two suspects suspected to have exploded in 2014.

The detainees have several passports, including two Russian intelligence officers, including a Russian passport, suspected of trying to poison the used Sergei Skribal.

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