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Their AR screen shows how motorcyclists should drive

Their AR screen shows how motorcyclists should drive

Aegis Rider develops a head-up display that ships with augmented reality for motorcycles. Red indicates all potential hazards in the driver’s field of view.

Augmented reality, or augmented reality, is already a reality in cars. For example, the Volkswagen Id.4 electric car can be delivered with a head-up display that places information from the navigation system on top of the surroundings.

Developing similar display solutions for motorcyclists has proven difficult – but it’s working now Aegis Rider On the new motorcycle system. Like VW, it’s a vertical display that uses augmented reality.

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Among other things, information is presented in the form of lines showing how to position the motorcycle in a curve, and this is along with other recommendations – such as leaning the motorcycle more or slowing down.

There are risks with the system

The system also warns of dangers, which are marked on the screen with a red square. Aegis Rider is a division of ETH Zurich, and the Swiss company uses artificial intelligence and deep learning, for example, to identify vehicles, poles, pedestrians and other animals captured by motorcycle cameras.

Atlantic Ocean He points out, however, the obvious danger of disguising all potential obstacles with a red box, which in theory should make it more difficult to read for motorists.

However, it remains to be seen how the final product solves this problem.