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The Xbox app for PC now shows if your PC is fixing certain games.  It can be good to know before you download them.

The Xbox app for PC now shows if your PC is fixing certain games. It can be good to know before you download them.

Microsoft has updated the Xbox app to PC and among other things, added a new feature that shows if a user’s PC has enough performance to play different games.

As can be seen from the screenshot below, the Xbox app now shows whether the computer in use can meet the game’s performance requirements. If the computer does not have a high enough performance to play the game, then the game performance requirements are instead listed in the game.

In addition to the new performance feature, Microsoft has also updated the interface and search feature in the latest Xbox app for PC Download here.

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The Xbox app on Windows will start judging your PC

Watch how good games work on PC

The Xbox app in Windows has left much to be desired and has favored other gaming platforms. However, Microsoft has recently tried to improve the experience and the situation has become better and better. Now the app has been given a little extra flair, like the ability to rate how well the game will run on your PC. More specifically, a new icon appears below the install button that tells you what the game mode looks like. What kind of game and computer review is actually being done is currently unknown. The recommended specs will likely be compared to the PC’s hardware, and then the app will make an assessment of how well the game will perform. The functionality is currently being tested and only appears in a couple of users’ addresses, but it should roll out to all users soon.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to PC and iOS Tomorrow

A beta test is available for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

Microsoft has announced when it will allow other users outside the Android world to start playing Xbox games through the cloud and that will happen starting tomorrow. Or at least some. Microsoft will send out invitations to select Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who will be able to access the beta test, which will be accessed across Windows 10 PCs and iOS devices via browsers. How many people will have access to the service in the first wave is unknown, but fear not. Microsoft will be rolling out more invites in the coming months, so it won’t be long before anyone wants to try. The test will take place via a web browser, either Edge, Google Chrome or Safari. To play, players need to have a manual control connected to a phone or computer via Bluetooth or USB, but some titles can be played via touch control.

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You can now stream Xbox Game Pass games via the PC app

Avoid going through the browser

Microsoft has released an update to the Xbox app for PC that gives Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers more comprehensive streaming capabilities. With the new update, players can now play Game Pass titles via the Xbox app on their PC, which was previously only possible via the browser. To do this, simply open the app, tap on cloud play, choose the game you want to play and then honk and drive. It is worth noting that you need to connect a hand controller and it is not possible to play cloud games with a mouse and keyboard. In addition, players will also be able to stream Xbox games from their checkbox via the Xbox app on PC, which can be convenient.

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