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The United Kingdom joins countries punishing antiquities for historical monuments

The Memorial (war memorial) in London last year and statue of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill They provoked the wrath of the British government. Henceforth, those who vandalize monuments will face up to 10 years in prison under the new law.

The Telegraph reported that the government was going to lift the current rule restricting imprisonment to a maximum of three months, except for damages of more than 5,000 (US $ 6,950). This means no more Imprisonment for up to 10 years and / or a fine of up to ,500 2,500 (US $ 3,475) regardless of the value of the damage to a monument.

New crime Not only causing damage to war memorials or other monumentsS, but gardens and flowers or garlands placed in tombs, statues or important structures. The law, which is part of the government’s police, crime, sentencing and court bill, would include those who urinate or defecate on an idol, but since the crime is related to criminal harm, they are more likely to be covered by public order offenses.

This is not the only regulation in the world in this sense. In June last year, Then President of the United States Donald Trump Announces via Twitter who destroyed “any monument, statue or other similar federal property” He will be arrested and face up to 10 years in prison.

Your announcement came later Protesters have condemned an attempt to remove a statue of former President Andrew Jackson It is in front of the White House. Referring to the Veterans Memorial Protection Act, Trump warned opponents: “Watch out!”

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The president cites a law passed in 2003, This article states that anyone who intentionally damages or destroys or attempts to damage or destroy or destroy any structure, plaque, statue or other monument on public property commemorating the service of any person or persons in the U.S. Armed Forces shall not be imprisoned for more than 10 years, or both. ” .

The law was Passed with the support of both parties after the carnage In the graves of various veterans.

In June 2020 a statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington was painted on its base with the word “killer” spray. Photo: A.P.

More than 70 Confederate monuments have been demolished since the 2015 shooting at Charleston Church., South Carolina, according to data compiled by The Washington Post. The newspaper reported that a third of those monuments had been demolished in the weeks following the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, in May last year, when a police officer was killed by being held to his neck for more than eight minutes. .

Floyd’s death sparked waves of protests against racial injustice as protesters took to the streets against white supremacy and police brutality. Some demonstrations led to the destruction of several federal monuments.

At that time, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi has called for the removal of statues of Confederate soldiers and officials from the Capitol grounds. From the United States. Opponents, however, argue that the monuments should be in place as a reminder of the history of this country.

In March 2019, the facade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral was scratched, which provoked outrage in the community. The protection of property of cultural interest in Spain is protected by traditional laws Every autonomous community belongs and that is where the penalties for harassment are established.

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As Europa Press explains, Each law makes a division into violations depending on whether the value of the damages is known, So there is a proportional penalty for the deceased. In any case, it is considered an administrative offense or a criminal offense based on the extent of the damage.

In France, penal law refers to graffiti In particular, work for the community for those fined up to 3,750 euros (US $ 4,465) and unauthorized “inscriptions, signs or drawings of facades, vehicles, public roads or urban furniture”. A fine of up to ,000 15,000 (US $ 17,850) will be imposed if residential homes are damaged or if they are scratched or hooded into groups. But if the painted support is severely damaged, France It offers up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 30,000 euros (US $ 35,700).