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The Ukrainian star sold his medal to be able to help

The Ukrainian star sold his medal to be able to help

Dmytro Soyarko, 26, a cross-country skier, lives in Chernihiv, 15 miles north of Kiev. While Dmytro was competing in the Beijing Paralympics, his apartment building in Ukraine was hit by a missile, but his own apartment escaped unscathed. At home, he wanted to help out as much as possible.

– Because I have a visual impairment, I cannot join the army, if I could, I would, says Dmytro Suiarko.

He sold Paralympic medals

To try to somehow help the people of Chernihiv and the surrounding villages, Dmytro and a friend bought a minibus this summer and brought out food, medicine and other equipment. To put up with it all, Dmytro sold one of his Paralympic medals.

– I was given $5,000, not that much money, but it’s always something, says Dmytro Suiarko.

In January, Dmytro Soyarko competed in the semi-world championships in biathlon in Ă–stersund, finishing fourth at best.

Many athletes want to win medals. They want to win gold. I just train and run and work. But you can’t focus on one hundred percent, says Suiarko, shrugging his shoulders in fourth.

– In Ukraine, they don’t look forward to the future. You are here today, you live today. If you live for tomorrow, that’s fine.

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