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Packages from the UK have been stuck in customs since Brexit

Packages from the UK have been stuck in customs since Brexit

Before Brexit was implemented, Swedes could order goods from British companies without paying customs duties. It’s not like that anymore. At the beginning of the year, the United Kingdom formally left the EU, meaning the country is outside the EU Customs.

Goods now coming from the UK must be declared customs and duty and must be paid by the taxpayer before Postnard issues it.

Therefore, packages are delayed

Swedish consumers are accustomed to ordering goods from British online stores, but according to Postnard, British companies are not always aware of the new customs rules.

It is not uncommon to miss a customs notice that tells you what is in the package.

– Our aim is to collect VAT from the first krona for British collections. So each ship has to be handled manually and in case of missing information, the sender and sometimes the recipient have to be contacted. As a consumer, you have to be prepared for the fact that this may take a little extra time, says Anna Kellender of Postnard.

Don’t you take the heights when the Swedes leave the United Kingdom Customs Union, a country that imports so much goods?

– Postnard is a supplier. The place to take it into account or explain is with the e-commerce site, so they give consumers the right expectations because it is their customer.

Thomas has been waiting a month and a half

In January, Thomas Flores was ordered to wear a sweater while training his dogs for the winter. On January 30, an announcement was made that his collection would be destroyed by customs in the use of Postnard.

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Since then, nothing has happened.

“Postnard must work”

He called Postnort’s customer service several times and was told the product was in customs clearance, but he was not given a delivery date.

– I understand that this is new and new rules, but as a customer I get into trouble. The product did not go, it was fixed at Postnard, otherwise I might have demanded a refund from the company, says Thomas Flores.

– Now that we are in March, I think Postnard would have worked on customs handling by now, and a lot of British collections must have accumulated.