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The UK may soon allow some self-driving on the motorway

The UK may soon allow some self-driving on the motorway

Already this year, under certain circumstances, the UK could allow drivers to drop the steering wheel on the motorway. File Management System ALKS implementation is a requirement.

The UK Department of Transport announces that automatic lane keeping systems, ALKS, may soon become legal on motor lanes, Tells the BBC News. If so, that would be a historic decision. The UK has never before allowed motorists to drive where they do not need to have their hands on the steering wheel. It may also be the first country in the world to allow this.

The human driver decides that he does not need to monitor the road while the computer is running. However, he must be vigilant and be ready to control the car within the 10 seconds required by the computer. If this does not happen, the car will turn on its warning lights and slow down.

It drives an automatic vehicle at level 3, according to the SAE. The systems that are on the roads today are usually on the 2nd level.

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However, there are some limitations to ALKS technology. When everything is working properly, the system can control the position and speed of a vehicle within an alley. British Government I want to allow the computer to be on the highway and at a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

According to the British government, vehicles with ALKS technology can be called self-driving, and as long as they have a special British accreditation, there is nothing to suggest that cars can actually drive on their own.

Insurance companies are critical of the definition. They believe that calling ALKS an automated or self-driving system could confuse British drivers and make cars believe they are self-driving. This, among other things, can cause accidents, but can also cause setbacks for self-driving vehicles.

More about ALKS

Automatic Lane Keeping System, ALKS, uses sensors and software to ensure that a vehicle is within an alley. This system allows a car to increase speed and brakes without the intervention of a human driver.