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Britain raises sanctions against Russia | News

On Sunday, British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said sanctions against Russia were aimed at “spreading more widely.” According to the minister, many companies affiliated with the Russian regime are subject to sanctions.

“Putin’s oligarchy can not hide anywhere,” Truss told Sky News.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday said Britain was ready to send more troops, weapons, warships and warplanes to Europe for NATO.

“Clear signal”

The offer comes in response to Johnson’s call for increased anti – Russian sentiment against Ukraine.

“This offer sends a clear signal to the Kremlin that we will not tolerate their destructive actions, and that we will always end up with our NATO allies against hostility to Russia,” he said in a statement.

The offer, to NATO next week, could double Britain’s 1,150 troops currently stationed in Eastern Europe.

Pressed hard

Johnson calls on Russian President Vladimir Putin to reduce tensions in Ukraine. The British leader, who is under intense pressure at home after high-profile dinners at 10 Downing Street during the strike, will also visit Ukraine next week.

US President Joe Biden said on Friday that a small number of US troops would be sent to strengthen NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe. About 8,500 soldiers have been placed on high alert due to unrest in Ukraine. They should be used to strengthen NATO’s rapid reaction force, if it is implemented.

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