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Mikael Karlsson and Malin Lennartsson in Frontnode and Stefan Hellerström in Skogssällskapet.

The digitization of society is increasing at a rapid pace and in the past year it accelerated even more when the pandemic forced many workplaces to become, in principle, completely digital. But if you have the right IT solutions, a digital workplace can be a great asset. Frontnode’s digital workplace is one such solution.

We make it possible for people to work more productively and simply no matter where they are in the world, says Michael Carlson, Director of Digital Workplace at Frontnode.

Frontnode is a modern service provider of IT systems based on Microsoft ecosystems. Since the 1st of April this year, they have become part of the InfraCom Group AB.

The Digital Workplace tool is a fully automated system where everything is included: from installing and managing different devices to security and updating the latest technology. Above all, Frontnode offers personalized and effective support to all of its clients.

– He must not stand still! It can go max 1 hour for troubleshooting – after that we send a new computer. All the customer needs is to log into the new device and then everything is ready; It’s encrypted, secure, and simple, says Malin Lennartsson, Director of Support at Frontnode.

Successful cooperation with Skogssällskapet

One of many clients of Frontnode is Skogssällskapet, an organization that works for the sustainable development of forests and land. They are a total of 115 employees working spread across the country, which means they are not many in the same place. This causes some logistical issues as the resources for local IT support are not available in every office.

Our main challenge is to ensure that all employees, no matter where they are located, have an IT infrastructure that works at an affordable cost. We should have an automated environment where users can handle the installation of systems themselves. We’ve got that with Frontnode, says Stefan Hillerström, Director of IT at Skogssällskapet.

With the help of the Digital Workplace, Frontnode takes care of the entire IT workplace in the Forest Society. Staff orders hardware, which is completely ready to use upon delivery, and then Frontnode support is always available should something go wrong.

Frontnode support is incredibly talented and has a personal, family feel, which fits in with Skogssällskapet activities. They’re really at the forefront in this field — when we talk, they know most things and we can exchange ideas and ideas that improve both our business and theirs, says Stefan.

A worry-free daily life

The employees at Frontnode pay real interest in the technology, but there’s something more important: the user experience.

We want to create a worry-free everyday life for the customer, where they can spend their time on their business instead of boring IT problems. If you can increase productivity by just a few percent a day, it’s worth a lot, both for you and your company, says Mikael.

Stefan is on the same path.

– He concludes that Frontnode ensures that we can achieve our goals.

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Frontnode AB is part of the InfraCom Group AB, which is a gold partner of Microsoft and is located in several locations in Sweden.


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