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The tourist did not sleep in his room – he was fined 4,300 SEK |  the world

The tourist did not sleep in his room – he was fined 4,300 SEK | the world

The tourist was fined for not sleeping in his hotel room. The photo shows another hotel room.

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A tourist has booked two rooms for three nights for himself and his family starting May 9 at the five-star luxury Hilton Beijing Wangfujing hotel in China.

The man is a diamond member of the luxury hotel. Upon check-in, sign an agreement not to transfer your membership benefits to anyone else during your stay. If this happens, the man will be fined a certain amount.

When the hotel's security cameras appeared to prove that the man had not been in his room all night, this resulted in him being fined the equivalent of 4,300 Swedish krona.

This was done because the hotel staff suspected that the tourist had transferred the membership and room benefits to someone else in exchange for payment.

I got the money back after complaining

The man defended himself by saying that he did not return to his room because of the “time difference” from where he arrived, which means that he spent the whole night in the town and did not return until the morning to rest.

The man filed a complaint with the hotel management and eventually recovered the money for which he was fined.

The incident sparked heated debate on social media, with many considering the hotel's use of surveillance cameras in this way a violation of privacy.

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