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The team behind the influential agency is presented

In 2019, Swedish Wear started manufacturing bamboo underwear. Since then, it has grown exponentially by several hundred percent and has slashed venture capital. Since its inception, the company has regularly worked with influencers who have marketed underwear, among others Matthias Joss And Amanda Gilnsbarf. The knowledge and amounts of data they have now collected for use in the brand’s new influencer agency Isme Icons.

“This has been in the loop all last year. We found the right sphere of influence for Weard and can now apply what we learned to other brands. For me, this has also been a dream since I worked at a record company in Los Angeles several years ago — it was There is a huge need for managing influencers and brands,” he says Melina Guiliwho co-founded the agency with Isabel WallenAnd Marwin Gordon And Joachim Falk.

Melina Gili describes Isme Icons as an agency that will put influencers and brands first, with KPIs on each side. The goal is a longer partnership. They may start both brands and influencer groups along with profiles. This would make the agency a competition to both Hubso, which starts influencer brands, and pure networks such as We are Cube and Tourn.

“Obviously we will initially do a one-on-one collaboration. We have to test to find the right person.”

There are a lot of networks of influencers. Don’t you see it as a challenge?
“Yes and no, we don’t see ourselves as a classic influencer network. What we want to show is that we see it all to create greater collaboration and bigger campaigns that will be mutually beneficial so that they can operate for the long-term. And that we have their interests as goals.”

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The company will collaborate with both large and small profiles, in the same way as it did at Weard.

“At Weard, we have done more than 300 collaborations with micro-influencers who have between 4,000 and 15,000 followers. Here we have received good data on who converts to the target group we want to reach. Since we have a target group that others also want to reach, We think we can find synergies for Isme. We’ve also done a lot of ads on some of Sweden’s biggest podcasts and collected data from here.”

Isabel Wallen and Melina Guili.

Isme Icons is already collaborating today with a number of profiles and brands, but Melina Guelli is asking for a comeback on this matter.

“For example, we ran campaigns with five micro-profiles focused on food that had between 5,000 and 10,000 followers. The range here was half a million, so we’re happy with that.”

The company will be based in Sweden, but it can redirect quickly.

“We are starting to work a little bit towards the UK now. If we reach a client and see that their largest target group is in the UK, we can start working with the UK profiles.”

Will you bring any other investors into the company?
“Keep it open.”

What financial goals have you set?
“The goal is not to make as much money as possible, but we have to come in and show results and that we are the best at what we do to build the foundation. At least for a start.”

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