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The suspicions are unfounded – the iPhone 15 charges as it should

The suspicions are unfounded – the iPhone 15 charges as it should

There are no compatibility issues

iPhone 15 charges properly even using non-Apple chargers and cords.

Even after Apple unveiled its new iPhone 15 models, but before it had time to investigate, there were widespread suspicions that Apple would do something to give its USB C chargers and cables features that would create compatibility issues.

Now the company has Dexomark Conducted extensive iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max charging tests to charge devices using Apple’s own accessories as well as third-party chargers and cords. The findings were that there were no compatibility issues between the iPhone 15/15 Pro Max and any of the chargers and cables from other manufacturers that were used in the tests.

During the tests, base power was measured, which is the power drawn from the power outlet to the charger. Chargers typically transfer about 90% of the power to the device being charged. When using a 20W or stronger charger with the iPhone 15, you can reach the device’s 20W intended, and for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a 27W charger was enough to reach the device’s 25W intended.

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