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Resident Evil and Far Cry 6 will get AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution soon

Resident Evil and Far Cry 6 will get AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution soon

To enable gaming at higher resolutions without having to load the graphics card more aggressively, both Nvidia and AMD have invested in upgrade technologies. For consumers with Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series graphics cards, there’s DLSS, which uses Tensor cores and artificial intelligence (AI) to upgrade. AMD’s DLSS Challenge FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) has not yet been released, but will be independent of specific hardware features to work.

AMD revealed more FSRs during Computex 2021, where they, among other things Show results in Godfall It announced that FSR will be available from June 22. FSR has been confirmed for more than 100 graphics cards and processors, but during the presentation, only Godfall was confirmed in-game. Reports now Video Cards That there are 7 games at launch and then 12 more “soon”.

In addition to Godfall, the first seven included the 22 Racing Series, Anno 1800, and Terminator Resistance. The list of titles on the way includes major titles such as Far Cry 6, Resident Evil: Village, and Baldurs Gate III. In total, there are 19 titles as confirmed by Videocardz sources. In addition to the game titles, 44 different game studios said to be working with FSR are also listed. AMD previously said that ten different game studios and game engines will implement the technology in 2021.

FSR Does not use AI, and must be settable at four different levels. Players can choose from Super qualityAnd the QualityAnd the balanced And the performance More ability to balance performance against great graphics. performance It is aimed at those who prioritize frame rate over image quality and Ultra Quality is the opposite.

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The exact games and game developers that jumped on the bandwagon will be revealed in four days. FSR will be available on June 22 for graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia.

Looking to try out FSR on any particular game from the list? Tell us about it!