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The starting field is ready for Melodifestivalen 2024

The starting field is ready for Melodifestivalen 2024

A number of familiar Mellon names such as Dotter, Clara Klingenström, Liamoo, Samir & Victor and Lisa Ajax were introduced at SVT’s press conference on Friday morning. But also newcomers in the context like Miss Snusk, Gunilla Persson and Kim Cesarion. There will also be the return of Lacey Stefans, Medina, Danny Saucedo and others in the competition.

Melodifestivalen 2024 starts on February 3 in Malmö and the final is set for March 9 in Stockholm.

The start bar looks like this:

Competition Part 1, Malmö, February 3

“The Terrible Liar” – Lisa Ajax
Songwriters: David Lindgren Zechariah, Sebastian Atas, Victor Krohn, Victor Sjöström

“Forever Yours” – Elissa Lindström
Songwriters: Elissa Lindström, Erik Bernholm, Henrik Axelsson, Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son

“The whole world is waiting” – Samir and Victor
Songwriters: David Kruger, Frederic Kempe, Nicklas Carson Mattsson

“Heroes Calling” – Shattered to pieces
Songwriters: Andreas “Jerry” Lindbergh, Benjamin Guenebo, Chris Adam Hedman Sorby, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Joey Depp, Linnea Depp, Per Bergquist

“Melonic” – Melina Borglo
Songwriters: Andreas Mattsson, Melina Borglow, Thomas G:son

“Supernatural” – Adam Woods
Songwriters: Adam Woods, Callie Helberg, Jonah Hall, William Segerdahl

Competition Part 2, Gothenburg, February 10

“Ahoma” – Si Jo
Songwriters: Charles Koroma, Diana Campojo, Michael Didrikson, Bally Hammarlund, Tony Malm, Twice Ace

“Dragon” – Liamu
Songwriters: Anders Reitov, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Julie “Kill G” Aagaard, LIAMOO

“Norland” – Ingemann Church
Songwriters: Larry Forsberg, Lennart Vastisson, Sven-Inge Sjöberg

“Silence after you” – Dear Sarah
Songwriters: Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jonas Thunder, Marcus Winther John, Sarah Naughty

“Young and Free” – Miss Snoozek
Songwriters: Miss Snoozek, Sarah Ryan

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“When I’m Gone” – Maria Sur
Songwriters: Anders Reithof, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Julie “Kill G” Aagaard, Maria Söhr

Sub-Competition 3, Vaxjo, 17 February

“Never Again” – Clara Klingenstrom
Songwriters: Bobby Ljunggren, Clara Klingenström, David Lindgren Zacharias

“Effortless” – Jacqueline
Songwriters: Dino Medanhodžić, Jacqueline Mossberg Moncasa, Jimmy Jansson, Moa “Kazi Obia” Carlebaker, Thomas G:son

“For you” – Claudie
Songwriters: William Sheinberg, Ake Olofsson

“Give my heart a break” – Kazi Obia
Songwriters: Ellen Berg, Jimmy Jansson, Moa “Kazi Obia” Carlbaker, Thomas G:Son

“I Won’t Shake (No La Gonnella)” – Gonnella Pearson
Songwriter: Frederik Anderson

“Take My Breath Away” – Kim Cesarion
Songwriters: Albin Johnson, Christopher Johansson, Kim Cesarion, Mattias Andreasson, William Sigerdahl

Competition Part 4, Eskilstuna, 24 February

“30 km/h” – Leah Larson
Songwriters: Axel Sjöllström, Jimmy Jansson, Lea Larsson, May Söderholm, Thomas G:son

“Circus X” – Scarlet
Songwriters: Emil Behmer, Henrik Berov, Ian Paolo Lira, Jessica Rachel Chertok, Scarlett, Simone Postit, Staffan Amberlinde, Thirsty

“I’m done getting over you” – Albin Tingwall
Songwriters: Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Joey Depp, Linnea Depp

“A Song About Summer” – Lacey Stephens
Songwriters: Anders Wegelius, Anders Reithof, Robert Norberg

“Glad you found me” – Danny Saucedo
Songwriters: Christopher Vogelmark, John Martin, Michel Zitron

“It’s not easy to write a love song” – Daughter
Songwriters: Dino Medanhodžić, Joanna “Dotter” Jansson

5th sub-competition, Karlstad, 2 March

“Back to my roots” – Jay Smith
Songwriters: Jay Smith, Jonas Jörström, Jonathan Keys, Maria Jane Smith, Victor Thiel

“Bunny Mag” – Elektra
Songwriters: Anders Werthoff, Eileen Werthoff, Johnny Werner, Robin Werner

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“Controlla” – Chelsea Mocco
Songwriters: Anders Wretov, Chelsea Moko, Elsa Carmona Olilund, Fernando MP, Karl Fleckt, Pa Modou

“The Light” – Annika Wickhalder
Songwriters: Annika Wickhalder, Hermann Gardarff, Linnea Gawel, Patrick Jane

“Q Sierra” – Medina
Songwriters: Ali Jamali, Anders Wretov, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Sami Rekik

“Unforgettable” – Marcus and Martinus
Songwriters: Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Joey Depp, Linnea Depp, Marcus Gunnarsson, Martinus Gunnarsson

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