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The SATA connector caught fire, and it happened for the second time – bad power supply?

The SATA connector caught fire, and it happened for the second time – bad power supply?

Tonight my computer caught fire for the second time. The first time was August 20, 2022, so that was a while ago.
What happened both times is that the Molex > 2xSATA power adapter (two different ones of course!) starts burning in one of the SATA connectors. The first time there were SATA connectors in an SSD and Bluray player, it was the ones in the Bluray player that caught fire. This resulted in a lot of soot in the chassis and I had to throw away the Bluray player.
Today, there was one connector in the SSD, but the connector that started burning wasn't connected to anything, but was just slightly disconnected in the chassis. Again soot and what looks like spots of molten plastic in large parts of the chassis…

I can tell you're not very supportive when the flames start coming out of the structure, but aside from the fact that it's getting a lot of soot and a stench, the fire still looks pretty local. Nothing else appears to have been damaged except for discolouration in the sheet metal on the hull exactly where it was burned. I imagine a lot of flame retardants and the fact that on both occasions it happened in a part of the structure where there aren't a lot of things…

Anyway, my question now is should I consider changing the power supply (OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W) if this is the problem and maybe it's sending too much current? I think it's from 2009, so it's been a few years. But I've never had a problem with that. The alternative is to give FN in using Molex > 2xSATA adapters. If you look around online, it seems that there have been a few occasions where these transformers have started to catch fire…

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