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The rights of the elderly are being violated in Europe

The rights of the elderly are being violated in Europe


Elderly people in Europe are transmitted during and after epidemics in various countries of Europe. Amnesty International’s investigations in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Belgium unanimously point to human rights abuses in European nursing homes in the spring of 2020.

In the UK, 25,000 elderly people were sent home from various hospitals so that they could come home and infect others so as not to fall ill. Other seniors and staff. In addition, health workers went to work despite having a cold because they could not stay at home. The result was an increase in infection. Had to accept medical responsibility due to a shortage of staff with no medical skills. Doctors did not enter the dormitory due to lack of safety equipment. The staff was instructed to provide only curative, not prophylactic treatment, which meant that the elderly would not be cured if they went, and the elderly were considered incurable.

In two of Spain’s most populous regions, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​staff have told family members of residents that authorities have banned staff from sending patients to hospitals and that health workers must trust online medical care. Those who were finally allowed to go inside did not receive a personal evaluation from a doctor, but were allowed to go to the hospital if they were the right age. Not depending on health status. This is a violation of the human right to good health as needed. Except for age discrimination and domestic discrimination.

The infection first came to Italy, where the epidemic hit hard. Crowded hospitals, people died in the corridors. The Italian health system in the three major regions completely collapsed, unable to provide the health care it provided to the population. There are 19 different health institutions with different rules. The rules are not clear, no reports of the situation have been released, and quality tests have not been carried out by regulatory authorities.

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Even before the epidemic, the condition of geriatric care in Belgium was poor.

Sick elderly people die at home due to lack of trained staff and places during epidemics, not in hospitals where they receive quality care. The elderly in the homes died of starvation because there were not enough staff to feed the residents. They sometimes died in isolation in their rooms without being close to relatives. It is a violation of the right to die with dignity.

The fact that the health service had to call in the army and the MSF to carry out its mission shows how dangerous the situation in the country is.

The control mechanisms for quality care in nursing homes were also poor before the outbreak.

The reports give a clear picture of the problems of all countries. The elderly have the lowest status in Europe, as shown by how politicians make decisions. The decisions made today by our elected representatives to provide the elderly with the care and attention they deserve are non-standard. And leads to discrimination in the rights of the elderly.

Results, among other things, many employees in many countries, including Sweden, have poor working conditions with short-term contracts, lack of training or sufficient knowledge. Salary is low, which leads to the income of large employees among others. Dangerous employment conditions also indicate that employees are applying to other professions. Or go to work even if they are sick.

What is remarkable is how the same policy is administered in Europe. Economic policy no longer benefits everyone. Those with an already privileged situation are getting better, but those who are not productive – the elderly, children, the sick, the disabled – have worse rights than those who work.

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Human rights apply equally to all. That is the responsibility of the state.

The status of the elderly should be elevated and their rights should be respected. The best quality of care for the elderly should be ensured. The same goes for those who work with the elderly.

Raise their pay and improve their working conditions. Already!