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Here's everything you need to know before Switzerland's Trey Kroner

Here’s everything you need to know before Switzerland’s Trey Kroner

When? The match between Trey Kroner and Switzerland starts at 19.15pm on Tuesday night

Where? All World Cups are played in the Latvian capital, Riga.


The match will be shown on SVT1 until 20.00 and then move on to SVT2.

Introduction to Switzerland

The Swiss team has started the tournament strong with two consecutive wins. It was first 5-2 against the favorite Czech Republic and then 1-0 against Denmark. The team includes Andres Ambol, who has played in 16 World Cups.

Introduction to Sweden

Trey Kroner started the match with two consecutive defeats against Denmark (4-3) and Belarus (1-0). According to TT, this is the worst World Cup start for a Swedish national ice hockey team in 60 years. Trey Kroner has not lost a playoff since 1985.

Details are important

Prior to the match, Swedish players and leaders talked about the importance of details to reverse the negative trend. Max Freiberg mentions things like covering up the scenes, becoming a “picker” and not ending up outside in the attack.

NHL reinforcements missing

On Monday, Jasper Frieden, Philip Hollander, Albert Johansson and Jasper Selgren were booked into the games and could make their World Cup debut against Switzerland. Therefore, there is only one place on the team for any reinforcement from the NHL. Currently, the probability is not very high, such a person will have to isolate the connecting player for six days.

Good memories against Switzerland

In recent years, Trey Kroner has fond memories of meetings with Switzerland. Among other things, during the Ice Hockey World Cup 2013 and 2018. Both times, the nations met Sweden as winners and finalists in the World Cup gold medal.

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There are question marks

Goalkeeper Victor Bast was injured before the match, but it was in the premiere. Adam Reitborn then saved the box, with Samuel Erson having a reserve, against Belarus. Fastin’s injury is a question mark, although Johann Karbenlev said on Monday that all goalkeepers want to go with a small competitive pulse rather than fast injury.

However, it remains to be seen whether Carl Klingberg, who withdrew against Belarus, will play against Switzerland. An inquest is being held on Monday into his injury.

Sweden team

Group A: Teams from the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus and Great Britain.

Other World Cup matches on Tuesday

15.15 USA-Kazakhstan, 15.15 Denmark-Great Britain, 19.15 Finland-Norway