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The Polastar 5 gets 885 horsepower and 800 volts

The Polastar 5 gets 885 horsepower and 800 volts

In connection with the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​starting today, Polstar will be showing the prototype of the Polstar 5 to the public for the first time. We now get more details about the electric car.

– The Bolstar 5 is set to become an amazing four-door GT car and in principle a real Bolstar. Pete Allen, Polestar’s Development Manager in the UK, says the platform combines the features of small performance cars with modern technological advances, allowing them to keep the lightweight and compact sports car chassis in large-scale production.

There is a team in the UK and one in Sweden behind the development of Polastar 5. In the UK, the focus is on designing and improving the unique epoxy-glued chassis. The chassis is a key factor in providing the right driving characteristics, Bolstar emphasizes: “Impressive driving experience just like the design”.

In Sweden, the development of a new electric driveline is underway. Polestar reveals that the new electric motor will provide better power in conjunction with the 800V system. The car’s two engines are expected to deliver 650 kW (884 hp) and 900 Nm respectively.

– The new driveline we work on will elevate the bar to a new level in our performance cars. The combination of strong capabilities in the development of electric motors and achievements in lightweight platform technology leads to truly better driving-happy cars, says Bolstar’s CTO and Development Manager Jörg Brandscheid.

During the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Polstar will not only be showcasing the new prototype. During the festival, the Pollastar 5 car will be tested on the classic Goodwood Mountain. A challenging path and conflict that symbolizes the festival.

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The Polastar 5 is scheduled to launch in 2024, the third of three new electric cars expected to be released by Polastar in the next three years. Pole star 3 is preceded by pole star 3 and pole star 4.