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The phenomenon of mysterious light can be seen in many places in Sweden

A mysterious phenomenon was seen on Monday night in several parts of the country.

Witnesses describe a bright light moving quickly and silently across the sky.

– It was like super powerful lights. It was very strange, Magnus Persson says in Mora.

Space researcher Eric Stemples in Uppsala has a theory for what appeared.

Magnus Persson was out with the dog at Mora when suddenly the light appeared in the sky.

Photos and videos show how you travel through the city’s silhouette just after 11pm on Monday.

– She was completely silent and traveled very fast. Magnus Persson says you can hear a helicopter very clearly.

– It wasn’t behind her that she was loose. The light was forward, in the direction he was going.

Here the phenomenon of light can be seen over Gotland.

The light was seen all over Sweden

Readers across large parts of the country have contacted Aftonbladet regarding the phenomenon of light. Calls and emails came from Lulea and Calix in the north, from Stockholm and Dalarna, as well as from Jutland.

– I went out to the balcony and noticed that it was full of stars and then I saw this phenomenon. It looked very sick, says Friedrich Hedström from Stockholm.

Friends Elaine and Josephine also stood on the balcony in Södertälje and watched what they described as a “huge flashlight”.

– Imagine a flashlight that lights up everywhere. It’s like LED lights everywhere. We thought it was too narrow and not too round in shape. Eileen says it didn’t look like she broke, but she walked like she was in a straight line and was shining the whole time.

A reader on Luleå describes this phenomenon as a tail with a cloud of light that seemed to be going backward rather than forward.

– He was visible for several minutes. It was as if he was going in the wrong direction, he says.

Researcher: Maybe a missile launch

Space researcher Eric Stemples at Uppsala University has taken part in films and photos of this phenomenon. During the night, he’s also been in contact with fellow Finns – and he has a theory.

– It’s clearly a missile launch. Earlier tonight, the United States launched an Atlas V rocket with the Landsat 9 satellite. It launched at 20.15, Swedish time, after which it takes a while before it comes. Sweden. Maybe that’s it, although I think three hours is a bit long, he says.

– On the other hand, launching rockets is a fairly new thing in the sky and nothing I have a lot of experience with.

The light is visible behind the roof trusses.

A few weeks ago, an identical photoperiod was reported from northern Sweden. At that time it was a Russian satellite missile.

Eric Stimbles said the Russians came up with it themselves and it just fit the time.

Take a picture of the mountain

Raymond Lido, 36, runs a mountain facility in Stora Sjöfallet National Park. He was actually going to take pictures of the northern lights when one of his classmates saw the mysterious light.

– Then I just turned the camera and took a picture with a shutter speed of 15 seconds. We saw it for a little over a minute. At first we thought it was going to start burning, but when it didn’t, we thought it was a rocket like last time. He says we saw that too.

The phenomenon of light is created by particles from the rocket engine. According to Eric Stemples, the satellite launched in the United States on Monday night was not very high in the atmosphere:

– It’s probably only a few hundred kilometers above the surface. As it passes over us, it follows the curvature of the Earth. Then it can appear to be moving down. Therefore, one can notice that it is moving in the wrong direction. It is very common in large rocket launches for people to think that something is going wrong when the rocket descends into the horizon and disappears.

Landed 9 was launched from Vandenberg Space Station in California, states that NASA. Together with its sister satellite, Landsat 8, it will monitor the Earth’s surface from its final altitude of 705 kilometers.

The first Landsat satellite was launched in 1972.