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The Oyster Diver Fact by Caroline Sevstrand received the “Felgood of the Year” award.

The Oyster Diver Fact by Caroline Sevstrand received the “Felgood of the Year” award.

At the annual event, the Feelgood Festival, readers can vote for their favorites in the “Feelgood of the Year” competition. The four books that receive the most votes then go to an external jury, which made the selection this year The truth about the oyster diver Written by Carolyn Sevstrand.

rets Feelgood 2023 The Truth About the Oyster Diver by Caroline Svestrand

Last Saturday, September 9, the seventh edition of the literary event, Feelgood Festival, was held in Sigtuna. About 30 Swedish authors and some international feel-good authors attended and participated in seminars and book circles.

Every year, the Feelgood Festival organizes a “Feelgood of the Year” competition, where readers can vote for their favorite book, this year among the books published from May 2022 to May 2023. About 3,000 people voted and then four books went into the competition. External jury. This consists of journalists Kirsten Sarnio and Pekka Heino and book blogger Eva Bostrom.

The nominated books were:

Christina Appelqvist – The liar is in the store
Karen Harjegaard – Sewing and freedom
Katharina Engelman Sandberg – Enough to steal you
Caroline Sevstrand – The truth about the oyster diver (Book Publishers Forum)

winner book, The truth about the oyster diver Written by Caroline Sevstrand, published on the Bockforlaget Forum in June 2022.

The following are the jury’s justifications for the award:

“A story that the reader will want to move in to join as relationships are built across generational and plot boundaries. The author tenderly allows the characters to open their inner shells to find budding friendships and new paths in life. We are reminded that even “most light literature can have a healing power and teach us something about ourselves.” A well-crafted novel with a wonderful cast of characters that surprise us and take us to the spiritual and real shores of an ever-present sea.”

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For information about the winner and interview requests, contact the Bokförlaget forum.

Feelgood Festival in Sigtuna It is an event produced and organized by Printz Publishing House in cooperation with a large number of participating publishers.

For more information about the festival and the award, contact Festival Director Christopher Holst
[email protected]

Feelgood Festival in Sigtuna is an event produced and organized by the publisher Printz Publishing in cooperation with the participating publishers.

Printz Publishing was started in the fall of 2010 and publishes Swedish and foreign fiction and non-fiction. The publisher is managed by Anna Levan and Christopher Holst. “The idea at Printz Publishing is to publish books that are missing in libraries, books in the genre we call smart entertainment. “Feel-good stories that are accessible, but also well-written and clever – and preferably funny,” say Anna and Christopher. The publisher publishes translations of some of Britain’s greatest authors and among the books are successful novels one day By david Nichols W Life after you By Jojo Moyes.

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