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The nine-year-old took his mother's car and went to school

The nine-year-old took his mother's car and went to school

The car chase ended with the driver returning to the police car pursuing him.

Photo: California Highway Patrol

On March 27, Officer Terry Dunn noticed a car stopped in the middle of an intersection in Oroville, California. This led to a series of events that the California Highway Patrol described as “like something out of a movie.”

“As he was about to order the driver to move the car, the car suddenly sped off, leading to a short but erratic chase.”writes the police.

The car chase ended in an elementary school parking lot.

“The surprises continued when the driver suddenly returned to the police car.”writes the police.

“He took his mother's car to go to school.”

No one was injured, but the two cars suffered minor collisions. Then Terry Dunne discovered who was driving the car he was chasing.

“The driver was a nine-year-old. He was taking his mother's car to drive to school. Yes, you read that correctly – there was a nine-year-old behind the wheel.”writes the police.

Terry Dunne says he was “shocked.”

– When I went to the car, a nine-year-old boy stuck his head out and said, “Sorry, I'm trying to go to school,” Dan tells KNVN.

The police ended their Facebook post by calling on everyone in the area to educate their children about “the danger of illegal driving.”

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