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The next generation Whitaker presented itself with victory

The next generation Whitaker presented itself with victory

Most of the world’s best jumpers are currently gathered in the Dutch Hertogenbosch, where one of the most popular competitions will be decided in the spring.

On Saturday night, the second highest class in the competition, 1.55 jump, was decided, and 41 crews started.

Initially it was, among others, world playmaker Steve Gordat from Switzerland, former world playmaker Scott Brash from Great Britain, Olympic gold medalist in the team of Kevin Stout from France.

Two Swedish riders, world number four Beder Fredriksson and world silver medalist, also competed with Henrik von Eckermann’s team.

But more More than twice the old opponents had no chance against 19-year-old Jack Whitaker and the horse Cynlitha.

The teenager from Great Britain was one of eleven passengers who managed the difficult core lap flawlessly. In the time jump, Jack Whitaker started second, and immediately showed he rode to the win.

The tempo was loud and when he rode to the end he took the lead.

the last Rookie contestant Kent Farrington, an Olympic silver medalist from the United States, couldn’t beat Jack Whitaker ‘time, so the landslide victory was a reality.

I was very happy when the organizers told me that I had won a place in the field of the competition. I said but I’ll definitely be nervous on Sunday Jack Whitaker earlier this week for the world of the show jumped.

Henrik von Eckermann and horse Peter Pan cut a hurdle and finished thirteenth. Bider Fredrickson rode horse Christian K, and when the crew made an obstacle early on on the track, he chose to head out to rescue the horse for Sunday when the prestigious master class was decided.

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