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280 million SEK to KI for new research projects

280 million SEK to KI for new research projects



Joanna Furoglum. Photo: N.A

Two other projects that have also been awarded money in the Mission’s cancer area are CCI4EU and ECHoS. These projects are called Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) which aim to support research activities and facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and coordination between different actors. This could include, for example, the development of infrastructures, the initiation of networks, the development of standards and models of various kinds, strategies for the dissemination and communication of research results, and more.

In both projects, KI is represented by Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center (KCCC) It is a collaboration between Karolinska University Hospital and KI.

– The ECHoS project will create the conditions for achieving the goal of each EU country having a so-called Cancer Mission Hub by 2025. The idea is that it will act as a link between regional, national and European bodies to accelerate progress and increase impact in the fight against cancer. The project aims to develop a kind of blue print describing what a Cancer Mission Center is, Karolinska CCC’s part of the work includes, among other things, identifying the stakeholders who need to be part of the National Cancer Mission Center and defining their roles. We must also widely reach everyone involved in cancer care and research, as well as citizens, he explains Joanna FuroglumResearch coordinator at Cancer Research KI.

The second project, CCI4EU, is about reducing disparities between and within countries in terms of access to research, innovation and quality care. Here, Karolinska CCC together with the German Cancer Society (DKG) leads the work package that strives to define quality criteria and indicators for the EU joint accreditation standard that assesses the degree of maturity of the comprehensive cancer infrastructure (CCI) in the various member countries.

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He guides the research support department in a tangled forest