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The new museum showcases different expressions of religious faith – The Day

The new museum showcases different expressions of religious faith – The Day

Ten years in the making. Opened in a castle in a mining town in northeast England

A Christian signet ring from the 2nd century, a Jewish bowl from the 13th century and a modern installation by renowned artist Matt Colisha. That’s just some of what visitors can see at England’s new Museum of Religion.

Museum of Faith Opening on October 7th in an old castle building in Bishop Auckland. It is part of a larger cultural investment that will try to breathe new life into a former mining community in County Durham, he writes. Guardian.

Over 250 items are displayed on two floors in one wing of Auckland Castle. Among these is a Roman silver signet ring known as the Pinchester ring, which was discovered during excavations at the site in 2014. Its Christian symbols – an anchor and two fish – make it one of the oldest Christian objects found in Britain. .

About two-thirds of the objects are on loan, including the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. These include the Bodleian Bowl, a copper alloy bowl and one of the few items left when England’s Jews were expelled from the country by Edward I in 1290.

Also, here is a helmet worn by a soldier in the Salvation Army in the early 20th century. It’s like a helmet, The Guardian writes, and shows how important it is for soldiers to protect themselves from stoning while preaching and playing music.

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Contemporary artist Kolisha has contributed to the exhibition with an installation where a burning blue iris is thought to commemorate those who died for their faith.

The Loyalty Museum has been planned for ten years. The spirit behind the cultural project, funder Jonathan Ruffer told The Guardian, was to show what expressions religious beliefs in England have taken over the ages.