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Taylor Swift is renting her New York apartment to Sophie Turner

Taylor Swift is renting her New York apartment to Sophie Turner

Last week, Taylor Swift publicly showed her support for newly separated Sophie Turner, whose husband Joe Jonas is also one of Swift’s exes. Now report Page Six Turner was allowed to borrow Swift’s apartment while living in New York.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ split has gotten a lot of media attention in recent weeks, and not least because of the spouses’ custody dispute over their two daughters.

Snapped outside Swift’s apartment

Turner recently filed a lawsuit in which she claims Jonas withheld the children’s passports from her, despite a previous agreement that the children would travel to her home in England at the end of September. Since then, Jonas and Turner have agreed that the children will remain in New York for the foreseeable future — and that neither parent is allowed to move the children out of New York.

Turner thus appears to have abandoned his previous plans, at least until the custody dispute was resolved, to return to England. But still game of thrones-The star didn’t have to look long for a place to live in New York: she settled into Taylor Swift’s apartment.

According to Page Six, the singer has given Turner a “beautiful” apartment in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood while she and Jonas settle their custody dispute. The newspaper writes that the apartment was primarily an investment, but Turner and her daughters had to take it for the time being.

In pictures released by Page Six, Sophie is seen outside the apartment with her daughters, and according to sources, the actress was recently seen exploring local restaurants.

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