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The Matrix experience, the Halo series and new games are highlights of the Game Awards 2021

The Matrix experience, the Halo series and new games are highlights of the Game Awards 2021

The night before Friday, the 2021 Game Awards took place. During the event, prizes were awarded in all conceivable game categories, with Swedish game It Takes Two winning the grand prize as Game of the Year. However, that wasn’t the only thing that happened, the party was also full of reveal and releases of all kinds.

For those who want to watch all the various teaser videos, presentations and clips of various genres, it is recommended to visit FZ, which brings together the whole party. In total, about 20 different games or TV series, movies and other game-related products were presented.

Matrix Awakens

Much of what was revealed was a precursor to what was to come, with good release dates in both 2022 and 2023. The Matrix Awakens is an exception, already downloadable on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It’s not a regular game, but it’s touted as an experience It is associated with the sequel movie The Matrix Resurrections, which will premiere in cinemas on December 22.

However, it’s not just a taste of the Matrix world, but also a taste of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. The entire experience was built in Unreal Engine 5 and is a great testament to what the new engine can bring to the latest generation of consoles.

String Aura

The Halo game series just launched in a remake with Halo Infinite, which was officially released less than a day before the Game Awards. Halo The Series will soon join the new game, which takes place in the same universe.

Paramount Pictures was behind the production and about a month ago showed a very short peek, which during the Game Awards will be accompanied by the first promo for the TV series. It is still not entirely clear if the series is based on the events of the games or if it only takes place in the same universe. However, in the last seconds, what really looks like the famous super soldier John-117, known as the Master Chief, is shown.

There is no exact date for when the series will premiere, but it will be sometime in 2022 and for Paramount Pictures’ streaming service.

Star Wars Eclipse

Unsurprisingly, gaming prizes are plentiful with releasing games in all kinds of genres and topics. Among them was Star Wars Eclipse, a new game set in the epic saga of the universe. The title was developed by Quantic Dream studio, best known for titles that focus heavily on narrative, including Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

But this time around, Quantum Dream will deviate from something from previous concepts and believe that the new title will contain elements of the action and adventure genres. What exactly would Star Wars Eclipse look like, as the trailer doesn’t actually show any of it Play. The title is being developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games and does not have a release date yet, as the project is in a very early stage of the development process.

Star Wars Eclipse isn’t the only game news that has been presented. It was revealed among the headlines, among others Alan Wake II strategy game Sand Dunes: Spice Wars. Intel also took the opportunity and showed several games that have it all Play It was mentioned to be shown with the next company Arc . graphics card.

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