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The long-awaited "Final Fantasy XVI" will be released in 2023 |  Movie Zen

The long-awaited “Final Fantasy XVI” will be released in 2023 | Movie Zen

Huge monsters, action and medieval fantasy are waiting for you in the fantastic RPG “Final Fantasy XVI”.

Almost two years ago, we got our first glimpse of the long-awaited next installment in the Japanese RPG series, “Final Fantasy XVI”which is coming to Playstation 5.

Since then it’s been pretty quiet, but during yesterday’s State of the Game presentation we saw a new trailer revealing that it will be released sometime during In the summer of 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI takes place in the world of Valistea, where huge crystals bring prosperity to different nations. Every nation has a human who can control huge monsters called iKons, which they seem to use to fight each other. In the main role, we see Clive Rosfield, who embarks on a revenge mission after a tragic event.

In the trailer, we see more action-packed battles, as well as massive clashes between monsters of nations. I still think the characters and mood feel a bit smooth, although it’s nice to see some classic fantasy after more sci-fi-like games like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The game was scheduled to be released earlier, but due to Covid-19, large numbers of the development team were forced to work from home, which delayed the work.

The director of the game is Naoki Yoshida, best known for the popular and hugely successful online role-playing game “Final Fantasy XIV”.

“Final Fantasy XVI” It will therefore be released sometime during the summer of 2023 for the Playstation 5.

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What is the best Final Fantasy game? Are you looking forward to the “sixteenth”?