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Intel Arc "Alchemist" in the reference version in front of the camera

Intel Arc “Alchemist” in the reference version in front of the camera

It’s not fast for Intel when it comes to releasing the company’s graphics card. The Arc “Alchemist” series has been available in a handful of laptops since March and April, but desktop counterparts will only look forward to it during the “second quarter” — possibly late June, with it widely available in the fall.

Intel does its best to keep the interest in the products alive and therefore releases information on a regular basis. Earlier in the year, the company showed off an upgraded version of the Arc “Alchemist” on a reference. Now they’re taking over the exhibit floor at the IEM Dallas esports event, to show off the same graphics card in physical form. For those with no roads beyond Texas, Intel employees help out with a bunch of photos via Twitter.

These are two axial fans, front and rear black surfaces, and high-gloss metallic rims. On the back of the thick, two-hole product, the company’s promise to release reference cards in a limited edition is repeated. At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Intel intends to use the same cooling solution for the four mentioned graphics card models, but also how limited the release is. The card shown indicates that Intel has at least one full graphics card ready.

Finally, it can be added to the hardware excavator “Moore’s Law” He claims that Intel Arc “Alchemist” in the near future is not something we as enthusiasts can hope for. He thinks more performing graphics cards will debut at the end of June and simpler variants will follow in late summer, but in both cases the focus is on OEMs rather than availability as loose components.

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