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The list of books and films that have been suspended by Russian censors – QX – is growing

The list of books and films that have been suspended by Russian censors – QX – is growing

In December last year, the Russian law on “propaganda” was tightened. By criminalizing “LGBTQ propaganda” that can reach young people, you completely erase that goal.

Moscow Times Mapping of some of the businesses affected after the law comes into force at the national and local levels. The paper states that there are no completed lists sent to the libraries from a central location, but orders are now being given by telephone so that, if there are discussions, the authorities can blame the librarians.

A list leaked via Telegram compiles books that should no longer be read according to Russian authorities. Among them works before Haruki MurakamiAnd Stephen FryAnd Hanya YanagiharaAnd Michael CunninghamAnd Eduard LimonovAnd Virginia WolfAnd Truman Capote And Jane Genet.

The authorities officially deny their existence and behind lists of what will be removed.

Streaming services have censored films believed to be criminal in Russia; Brokeback Mountain And Call me by your name These are two titles that are not currently allowed to be displayed. The Moscow Times reported that the broadcast service AmediaticaScenes from several hit TV series are said to have been removed and edited.

As QX wrote previously, The White Lotus is a censor-influenced series. When the word “gay” is mentioned it is translated as “man”.

On January 10, the journalist was charged under the new, stricter legislation Popcorn Books. The indictment relates to a book called Summer with a Pioneer Tie, which deals with the relationship between two teenage boys. After the indictment, the book disappeared from online services and bookstores.

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Although publishers and distributors want to comply with the new censorship legislation, they told The Moscow Times that the law is difficult to interpret. For example, all books in which homosexual contacts are mentioned or implied should be banned, even if only for a brief period.

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