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The laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen can now be pre-ordered

The laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen can now be pre-ordered

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Sightful's unconventional laptop, where the screen is replaced by AR glasses. The computer consists of a keyboard, a trackpad, and a pair of glasses that enable the user to work on an image surface up to 100 inches in front of his eyes.

The Spacetop G1, as the computer is called, is primarily aimed at professionals who often work on the go. Equipped with 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Augmented reality glasses have a built-in microphone and two speakers. It is also possible for glasses to be suitable for someone's poor vision, with a lens power between -8.0 and +6.0. According to Sightful, the battery life is up to 8 hours.

This is how the manufacturer imagines Spacetop to be used. Image source: Sight

Since the computer does not have a screen, it takes up less space than regular laptops, but when you wear glasses, a virtual screen appears, the windows of which can be linked and its size adjusted according to the user's desire. The company's advertising images show how a computer can be used in a narrow airplane seat, and in the tidy context the product appears undeniably flexible.

How well everything works in real life is of course up to testing, and depends largely on whether the Spacetop is able to balance performance and comfort in a good way. The fact that the operating system is a proprietary SpaceOS system and not Windows is another factor that will make some question whether the computer is truly competitive from a productivity perspective. Computer scientistwho were early adopters of Spacetop, at least seem to think the product has solved the biggest problems Meta's “virtual office” had with its Quest Pro VR headset.

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US customers can now pre-order

Now, even ordinary consumers will soon be able to wear glasses and play on a virtual screen. on Official Website Is it now possible to reserve a copy of Spacetop by leaving a $100 deposit. In October, the computer, which costs $1,700 (about 17,900 Swedish krona) for those who pre-order, will start being sent to customers. At the time of writing, the computer can only be shipped within the United States.