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'Name Change' treatment and hints for Alan Wake – DLC on the way?

'Name Change' treatment and hints for Alan Wake – DLC on the way?

The name was flipped to “Poison Pill Entertainment” (which should have been “Boredom”).

Have you heard about Poison Pill Entertainment? No one else either. But that's what Remedy Entertainment has suddenly called itself On X (Twitter).

I'm not sure what you mean by reversing the meaning of your name, but you get something else in the same style: “City of Night Springs” written on it. A clear reference to the city of Bright Falls I Alan Wake– the games. Just to be safe, you can also tag @alanwake, so… Alan Wake 2-dlc in the works?

But Remedy… sorry, Poison Pill tends to intertwine different game worlds, so Bright Falls… sorry, Night Springs City might play a role in one of Remedy's upcoming games… for the company. They are partially working on Control 2, partly in a game with the working name Condor. It is a co-op game set in the same world (home) as He controlsDevelopment must have begun in earnest. Finally, they are working on remakes of the first two films Max Payne– the games.

Whatever the Finns are up to, it will likely be revealed at one of the upcoming game shows. We have Playstation State of Play at midnight tonight, Summer Game Fest starts at 11pm on Friday, June 7th, and the Xbox Game Show starts at 7pm on Sunday, June 9th.

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