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The Hundred Day Master System #82: The Terminator

The Hundred Day Master System #82: The Terminator

The same trio behind it Aliens 3 On the main system, that is probe (development), cocoon (voice) and Virgin games (Publisher), also published The situation or the end On the main system. The year was 1992 and the title was underperforming on the Master System as well as the Game Gear, struggling in the shadow of its bigger brother on the Mega Drive. The cassette was a good 2MB steak and, for some reason, 8KB of extra RAM. However, this last tale has not been promoted anywhere The situation or the end It is one of the very few titles to have this type of expansion. It will be interesting to see how it is used, and I think it will be with joy mixed with horror.

The situation or the end On the main system the gameplay has not been tested. At least not by any sane person. Enemies keep coming no matter how you move. You're never supposed to be in control, but mostly putting out fires as you play. Purely in terms of content The situation or the end He finished in less than a quarter of an hour, but was dragged on the extended bench by the enemy's constant storms of shell-hell. where Aliens 3 At least it had interesting mazes of sheep exploring trails The situation or the end You as a player just want to draw the shortest possible path to the end and then never have to play the course – or even the game – again.

If I had to say one positive thing about this farce, it would have to be that the soundtrack, despite its severe limitations, bears the good name of Matt Furness. It's as atmospheric and dirty as it gets. The graphics aren't bad either. Krisalis can create sound and the probe can design it. I think this is a very stressful and exhausting job and was never intended to make more than a pittance for license buyers and sellers.

Well, at least Probe had the good sense to include one Level identification symbol It is very simple to perform. This is the least they can do after trying to pass this difficult task.

After this text, I started a new round of the game, on pin kiv (I think I'm already back, imagine). This time I passed all the levels without dying. Turns out the console/game can barely handle displaying more than two enemies at a time. It can be used to your advantage on more than one occasion. This discovery does not make me love The situation or the end More than before. But it's a good thing to tame this bastard anyway.