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The Humble Co.  – Stepping into the market for electric toothbrushes

The Humble Co. – Stepping into the market for electric toothbrushes

Humble Group subsidiary and brand The Humble Co. (“The Company”) has long developed the world’s first common bamboo head brush for electric toothbrushes. Ready to launch now, the product is tailored to the mass market of Sonic electric toothbrushes, thus replacing the plastic-based toothbrush heads on customers’ current electric toothbrushes. With the new product line, the company is expanding its total address market to include the fastest growing electric toothbrushing segment, with sales of approximately SEK 25.2 billion by 2021.[1]. With the continued growth in the new segment, the company sees good opportunities to take a strong position, which means increasing customer engagement and cross-selling in relation to other stores for more stores.

“After dominating the eco-friendly toothbrushing segment with our popular bamboo toothbrush, Humble Brush has been able to bridge the growth gap representing the giant toothbrush type. Again, we are far ahead of the competition in terms of innovations in the segment and we are very proud to be able to present this global innovation. We have received good feedback and excellent initial interest from our customers and partners, where we initially plan to launch the product on our own channels, which will then be released during the next listing window with selected partners. Then well recovered.With this new addition to the range, our eco-friendly toothbrushing revolution is on the rise. We look forward to opening the doors. ” Says Oscar Homeplot, Sales Manager at The Humble Co. AB

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The Humble Co. Is a global leader in natural oral care, acquired by Humble Group on March 18, 2021. The company has deep distribution in more than 30 markets, including the United States, Germany, Great Britain and the Nordic countries.

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For more information, contact:
Simon Petron, CEO, Humble Group AB
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Humble Group is a Swedish food and FMCG group that specializes in the next generation of consumer products for the people and the planet. Humility focuses on food technology, environment, sustainability and vegetarianism. The company grows through organic growth, acquisitions and the use of synergies in various business segments: brands, distribution, manufacturing and products. Refined through scientific research and extensive market experience, Humble’s technological solutions facilitate new formulas and recipes that improve the taste and consistency of a generation of sugar-reduced, sustainable and vegetarian products. Visit for more information

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