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Sprint Qualification in Formula 1 – A Guide to New Design in F1

Sprint qualification in Formula 1 is a fact. Now it is ready, which is already relevant in 2021. All of this will begin with a 60-minute workout on Friday. Where teams select two sets of tires.

Then there will be a qualifier for Saturday’s sprint qualification. This is done according to the usual design and the teams have five sets of soft tires.

On Saturday, there will be another workout of 60 minutes, where teams choose a set of tires.

Sprint qualification in Formula 1
Is FPR Max happy after this year’s news? (TT)

The new version of the sprint qualifiers in Formula 1 will be 100km long and will have two free set tires for teams.

On Sunday, there will be regular competition distance with two free tire exams. The team has three sets of shower tires and four sets of weekend suspensions. If teams rain in sprint qualifiers, teams can replace used tires with rain tires or intermediates.

– I’m looking forward to seeing this new design, says FIA President Jean Todd in that comment.

This year there are already matching match weekends in Great Britain, Italy and Brazil. There is talk that the winner will get three points, the second two and the third one point, but I do not see it being confirmed. Maybe you have?

This week is otherwise time for racing again. Portuguese GP in Portimao Indigo is also competing again, this time with one and two races in the same oval. In Texas.

Sprint qualification in Formula 1 and Double Oval

Marcus Eriksen was the best of the Swedes in St. Petersburg last weekend, where he finished seventh and has a spot in the top ten in the championship. Felix Rosenquist also advanced, but finished 12th and 18th in the championship.

Golden Herta, Andrei, won the race after a good run, but the championship is ahead of Alex Balu, Kanassi, Will Power, Benske and Scott Dixon. There is a difference of two points between location one and three.

Most interesting to the Swedish eye is the contribution of Linus Lundkivist in Intelligence. He finished second on one stage in Race Two and finished second in the championship. Three points behind David Malukas.

More about Linus’ faith You read here.