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The Fantastic Beast: Dumbledore's Secrets (2022)

The Fantastic Beast: Dumbledore’s Secrets (2022)

Looks like David Yates passes the movie to the finish line before it gets flipped

The top movie Axel Diedrich saw “Fantastic Monster: Dumbledore’s Secrets” and was pleasantly surprised – although there is much to be desired.

Fantastic Beasts saga has nothing but persuasion. After a questionable first movie, the sequel was posted at the ankle and Johnny DeppThe controversy would give the whole series an extra bittersweet. Four years later, it’s time for the third movie, Dumbledore’s secretsand feels like a sworn Harry Potter director David Yeats The gang made a new effort.

in Dumbledore’s secrets holds the villain Gellert Grindelwald (now replaced by Mads Mikkelsen) to overthrow the entire wizarding world system through political control. Under the supervision of Professor Albus Dumbledore (quality LawGets the magical animal world Newt ScamanderEddie redmayneDangerous mission driving mission to rescue both witches and smugglers. Next to him has a witch Yulily Hicks, negative friend Jacob Kowalski, his brother Theseus and of course his little animal friends.

After a second movie, many want to erase their memories The Fantastic Beast: Dumbledore’s Secrets It is classified as a significant increase. While Grindelwalds Brut Full of sequences where things mostly happen without any significant weight, and sounds You can now have sights take longer to land and form a better group.

The focus is also on character building rather than plot engine And the impression that production is watching Dumbledore’s secrets As a fresh start and nothing else. It is also notable that they have worked much harder with the impact of working here. related to Grindelwalds BrutCGI soggy dough exudes finesse, impressing with visual expression even more in Dumbledore’s secrets.

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Falls into a frustrating deal

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However, we do not escape the occasional sterile character (Ezra Miller Not as brutally charming as Albus Dumbledore’s avenger brother Creedence), but the most fun one is Mikkelsen as Grindelwald. And a little over ninety minutes in ho Dumbledore’s secrets One A brilliant cinematic adventure. It has a basic quality high enough for us to pass, and the creative elements shine many times over. It’s better if Newt saves his brother from the abyss monster and at the same time has to dance with an army of evil crabs so he doesn’t swallow them up instead.

Far from it, this is the best movie in the Fantastic Monster series. But instead of giving us that extra nudge during his last trimester, drops Dumbledore’s secrets swing too Swings to what is a brutally dull epilogue. A predictable, childlike aberration is rooted in trouble on the political throne. The only thing I can imagine that fans will really love with the ending is that it opens up to more films.

But until the final chapter, there’s enough to amaze him with “Dumbledore’s Secrets” to get past “The Crime of Grindelwald” — and with great fanfare.

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