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The English football team can be punished in Wales - the arena is located in two countries

The English football team can be punished in Wales – the arena is located in two countries

From December 26, a maximum of 50 people, including players and leaders, will be able to attend a sporting event in Wales.

On the other hand, in England, there are no such restrictions yet.

This has put Chester FC in an awkward position.

The border between Wales and England It goes directly outside the Diva Stadium circuit and cuts straight through the club on the northeast side of the facility.

Since the second day, the club has played two home matches with more than 2,000 spectators at Diva Stadium. The club has now been warned by Welsh authorities that it has breached covid restrictions and that action will be taken if public acceptance continues.

So the question now is: What rules apply?

Chester FC plays in the English Premier League system and is affiliated with the English Football Association. The city is in England and the police force in the matches is English.

But the Welsh authorities point out that the arena is located in Wales and therefore must be subject to Welsh regulations.

Wales is a partially independent part of Britain.

Chester Club President Andy Morris He strongly claims that the club is English.

– The entrance to the ring is in England and the arena is registered in England, he told the BBC.

He says the club has not been offered to participate in the compensation for lost audience revenue awarded to Welsh clubs and that he is making a decision.

Before the pandemic, the unique location of our yard was often a fun question in a sports competition. Our yard location is no longer a joke, it is now a real problem. He told the BBC that we depend entirely on match revenue for our survival.

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– We have had meetings with the police and local authorities, but everything is very complicated at the moment. I have a feeling no one really knows what’s going to happen.

George Waring of Chester, in blue, in a practice match against Bolton.

Photo: shutterstock

According to Vice President Jim Green Police suggested that the club set up a large screen outside the stadium on match days.

– We are not allowed to take 2,000 people to a safe environment for the virus inside the square, but the police suggest a large TV screen where people are crowded. He told the BBC it was a farce.

Chester plays in it The English sixth tier club and club are owned by the fans after its revival from Chester City’s 2010 bankruptcy. The most famous player from Chester is Liverpool icon Ian Rush.

On Saturday, he will face Chester Brackley Town at home. With or without an audience.