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The election results are clear: the ANC loses its absolute majority

The election results are clear: the ANC loses its absolute majority

The official results of the elections in South Africa were released on Sunday. Reports stated that on Saturday, 99.87 percent of the votes were counted Reuters news agency.

The ANC receives just over 40 percent of the vote, the largest loss ever and the first time the party has received less than 50 percent.

The ANC is forced to cooperate

The party has ruled the country since 1994, led by Nelson Mandela, among others. Now they will not have their own majority, but will have to cooperate.

Intensive negotiations are now expected. Reports say that the parties have two weeks to reach an agreement before it is time for Parliament to elect a new president Reuters.

Potential cooperation parties

The news agency reported that what a coalition government might look like is still unclear AP.

According to the AP, the three main opposition parties appear to be the most obvious for the ANC to extend a helping hand.

These include the liberal Democratic Alliance (DA), which received 21.8 percent of the vote, the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), on 9.5 percent, and the newly launched MK Party, which is led by the former president and leader of the ANC. . Jacob Zuma, who received approximately 14.6 percent.

The election results are not accepted

As political negotiations are about to begin, the Knesset Party, despite its strength, comes forward with accusations of election fraud and wants a rerun of the elections, reports say AP. Party spokesmen claim that the electoral authority's IT system was tampered with.

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Party leader Jacob Zuma is widely accused of corruption, but he has demanded that the official election results not be published until these accusations are investigated and threatens to take legal action.