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The city looks like a gravel pit, so who is doing this work?

The city looks like a gravel pit, so who is doing this work?

You really want to get rid of all the gravel on the sidewalks and bike paths now, and trying to figure out what part of town to sweep when it's not exactly easy. I looked at the municipality's website, but I didn't understand. I read the article in the newspaper a while ago and got some kind of clarification.

But does that mean that all sidewalks are the property owners' responsibility? If so, who makes sure they are doing their part?

The sidewalks along Drottninggatan are scary, in places there are gravel drifts, bits of gravel of the kind that have not been swept away after last winter, for example under the City House car park. There are thick seams on the walls of the house, as well as in and around bike racks and parking spaces.

Same thing at bus stops, there is a thick layer of sand mixed with hundreds of pussies and other rubbish. On the sidewalk outside Vuxenutbildningen on Drottninggatan, it looks like a shingle roof. It looks quite bad on the sidewalks of Smedigatan towards Broksgatan, in fact around the whole block where the municipality has many activities such as student health and parts of social services. There is also thick gravel in and around the bike racks.

The article in the newspaper also stated that priority would be given to schoolyards during the Easter holidays. So you're wondering why there's a big pile of gravel in one corner of the schoolyard of the Zetterbergsgymnasiet in Smedegatan?

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It should be said that some parts of the sidewalks along the streets I mentioned are cleaned very well. Did the municipality of Eskilstuna itself fix the problem, or was it the property owners who behaved better than others?