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The British insisted: "Stay away from the ancient jungle"

The British insisted: “Stay away from the ancient jungle”

Wistmans Wood, named after the oak that dominates the forest, has been allowed to grow freely for thousands of years without interfering with humans or large animals. The rocky ground is covered with moss and lichens and makes it difficult to access the forest, which does not stop the interest of visitors in the area.

During infections, there are more More than ever before traveling to Devon County in the southwest of England to experience 3.5 acres of forest. However, the increase is not good – fire and rock moss removal managers are damaging nature in the area.

“People had nothing else to do during the strike, but it was a stress that the forest could not handle,” Philip Sanders said earlier this year, after counting the number of 400 spectators in a single day.

So, natural UK, The country’s nature conservation authority said those who come to the area now should stay away and instead walk around the forest to protect it for future generations.

– That means you get even more special in this fantastic place, says a spokesman for the authority to the PCC.

Since 1964, the forest has received special protection because it is classified as a place of special scientific interest in Great Britain.

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