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The bike dream was saved by Jerod Chelsea

The bike dream was saved by Jerod Chelsea

Atletico didn’t shoot on target throughout the match but it was difficult to break through. It took a masterpiece to get a loophole in the Madrid team.

– I didn’t know what would happen to the goal, I just tried to focus on the bike and get it to the end, and then I had no idea whether it was offside or not. Mason Mount said he wasn’t on the ball. “It was good for the team and good for me,” says Giro on the Viaplay broadcast.

Thomas Tatchell’s side have conceded only two goals in eight matches since joining Paris Saint-Germain and coaching Chelsea.

‘Important to achieving goals’

We had strong hope and determination to win the match and created more chances and deserved to win. Giraud says it is important to score away goals in the European game.

The Frenchman climbed perfectly and high in the air, got a dream of a bike that was in perfect position, and headed to the left corner next to Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak at the National Stadium in the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

The Spanish players were directly in front of the referee and indicated that it was offside. But via video assistant referee technology, the referee was able to see that the ball had been accidentally played by sports player Mario Hermoso.

The reason for the match to be held in Bucharest is the travel ban imposed by Spain on travelers from the United Kingdom due to the mutated Corona virus. This made it impossible for the London team to go to Madrid.

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