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Messy Outing in Rangers’ European Game: Racist Attack on Glen Camara – Slavia Prague accuses Finn of violence after match  Sports

Messy Outing in Rangers’ European Game: Racist Attack on Glen Camara – Slavia Prague accuses Finn of violence after match Sports

Rangers’ exit from the European League has become messy – and Glen Camara has come under racist attack, according to English media. “It’s a huge disappointment for them to call us a lie,” said Rangers coach Stephen Gerrard.

The Scottish League champions Rangers played their part in the European League play-offs this spring. Last night, Slavia Prague won 2-0 in Glasgow and advanced to the quarter-finals.

The victory of the Czechs remains in the shadows of the scenes reported by the English media. In the final minutes of the match, Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela was said to have said something racist to Rangers midfielder Glenn Camara.

After the match, heated discussions erupted on the field involving Rangers coach Stephen Gerrard. At the post-match press conference, Gerrard was upset at his point of view about what had happened.

– The player told me that he was subjected to racism. I know and believe in two hundred percent. Their players caused this and something should happen quickly, but it’s over my head. He says regardless, I support Glenn Gerrard, according to the BBC.

The whole situation was far from normal. If I want to say something to another player, I don’t need to cover my mouth. He said the match had been decided and there was no reason for that Watchman.

“very upset”

Gerrard tried to ask Camara if he wanted to replace him, but it did not work out. Instead, Gerrard entered into an exchange with Slavia Prague coach Gendrich Trebisovsky and representatives from UEFA.

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After the match, Glenn said he didn’t think clearly. He wanted to continue, he was clearly very upset.

The English player icon transfers responsibility to UEFA. He hopes UEFA will deal with the issue promptly.

– I can only hope that it never gets wiped under the rug. This is still very common in sports. Many are working hard to eradicate it.

Camara is accused of violence

In a statement from Slavia Prague Ondrej Kudela admits to swearing towards Camara, but denies racism.

“Our opponent played very ugly. Our players have never experienced anything like this in modern European football,” the Czech club writes about Rangers, who have been sent off twice.

According to the Slavia Prague version, it should also be hot after the final sign on the Ibrox. The team should not have been allowed into their locker room and Camara should have attacked Codela with her fists. According to FC Prague, Gerrard and the UEFA representatives must have seen what Camara did.

– It is a great disappointment that they try to defend their player and describe us as liars, as Gerrard says about the position of Slavia Prague.

Tottenham failed

The other seven teams in the European League quarter-finals are Arsenal, Manchester United, Dynamo Zagreb, Granada, Roma, Villarreal and Ajax.

United defeated Milan after winning 1-0 at the San Siro. Paul Pogba scored the goal that took the English giants a step closer to the title.

Paul can make a big difference to us. He wasn’t ready to play for more than 45 minutes, Says United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer About Pogba – He appeared some time after the injury.

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On the other hand, England did not get a triple upgrade. Tottenham crashed in Croatia and lost their 2-0 lead. Mislav Ursic, the champion of the Dynamo Zagreb hat-trick, has been decided in overtime – Tottenham’s failure.

Produce blood, sweat, and energy – and finally, tears of joy. My team wasn’t looking forward to an important game. I am disappointed with our position. It was a win or a loss today – and we are gone, says the Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho, according to the BBC.

Today, the European League quarter-finals draw was held.