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The art and physics of BildMuseet are intertwined

The art and physics of BildMuseet are intertwined

Black holes, dark matter, gravity, space, time and motion are phenomena that fascinate researchers and artists. Photo museum displays Interlacing / Art and PhysicsAn exhibition of painting, installation, fashion, sculpture, film, digital art and photography inspired by the science of the fundamental conditions that create and govern our world.

Welcome to the exhibition press presentation on Thursday 15 November 10:00 (OSA) and to the opening Friday evening 17: 00-21: 00. At the same times, inspection and opening are also held. aAngela Ferreira solo exhibition Pan-African mural.

In the gallery Interlacing / Art and Physics Participating pioneering artists of contemporary art and design, are invited to participate because in various ways they use the ideas of physics as a starting point for their imagination and creative practice.

As a curator, BildMuse called Arian Cook, founder Arts at CERN At the large European particle physics laboratory outside Geneva. Several internationally acclaimed artists who participate in The show He participated in this art program and some works were specially created for exhibition at Bildmuseet.

Among them are Julius von Bismarck (Germany), Julian Charrier (Switzerland), Sue Fujimoto (Japan), Iris van Herpen (Netherlands), Ryuji Ikeda (Japan, France), William Kentridge (South Africa), Raphael Lozano Himmer (Canada), Goshka Macuga (Poland, UK), Davide Quayola (Italy, UK), Solveig Settemsdal (Norway, UK), Sarah Sze (USA), Keith Tyson (UK), Jorinde Voigt (Germany) and Carey Young (USA, UK).

Interlacing / Art and Physics Produced by Bildmuseet, Umeå University. The exhibition includes an acoustic cloud in which five of the participating artists contemplate LightAnd the gravityAnd the ThingAnd the time And the Rum Together with physicists from CERN and Harvard talk about the same phenomenon.

The photo-rich gallery catalog will be published in Spring 2019 (Hatje Cantz). It contains articles by the best-selling physicist and author Carlo Rovelli; Science journalist Philip Ball; Nicolas Trescott, Artistic Director of Arts Catalyst; Art historian Gavin Parkinson. Curator Ariane Kwik. The catalog also contains reflections from physicists and artists from the exhibition’s audiobooks, in addition to these also ideas about unable to.

Thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute and the American Embassy in Sweden.

Press Show / Thursday November 15 10: 00-12: 00 (OSA)
On site are museum director Katharina Pierre, curator Ariane Kwik, artists Julius von Bismarck, Joshka Makuga and Davide Kwayula, physicist Soboda Patel (Niels Bohr Institute) and artist Angela Ferreira who participated in the exhibition Pan-African mural Preview at the same time.

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Vernissage / Friday 16 November 17:00 – 21:00
The exhibition opens at 19:00, by Hans Adolfson, President of Umeå University, with Director of the Museum Katarina Pierre. Curators Ariane Kwik and Sobod Patel, physicists from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, also participate in the exhibition. Also on site are stylists Iris van Herpen and artists Julius von Bismarck and Goshka Makuga, as well as Angela Ferreira whose gallery was Pan-African mural It also opened this evening.

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