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The alarm of the Canary Islands – on the verge of “collapse” |  the world

The alarm of the Canary Islands – on the verge of “collapse” | the world

La Gomera, Canary Islands.

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Sunbeds and umbrellas are a common sight along the beaches of the Canary Islands.

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When the cold makes itself felt, hundreds of thousands of Swedes – like other Europeans – choose to travel to the Canary Islands to warm their joints.

But the large influx of tourists to the popular Spanish destination has had tangible effects on the island group. This is what many city planners are now warning about.

The Ben Magic organization, which works to preserve the Canary Islands, says in a statement that the Canary Islands have been subjected to excessive exploitation.

– We have exceeded what the region can bear by more than seven times, leading to a state of systematic collapse due to the structure of urban development, says spokesman Eugenio Reyes according to the Daily Star.

“The right step had to be made.”

Urban planner Juan Torres, dean of Gran Canaria's School of Architecture, meanwhile stresses the need for big changes.

– At the level of urban and architectural planning, we cannot be satisfied with cosmetic interventions. We have to take the right steps so everyone can contribute to improving plans, which is what we really need in the Canary Islands, say the Brits. pass.

Many experts expect the Canary Islands to become like Barcelona. This means that urban planning leads to the displacement of local residents in favor of tourists and tourism.

But it's not just a matter of worrying about infrastructure. Many of them point to the risk of converting entire neighborhoods into holiday homes, which in turn would shrink the local population and increase the burden on public services.

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According to Express, the Architectural Association of Tenerife wants to find a sustainable solution that can handle millions of visiting tourists while at the same time promoting sustainable practices.

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