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Tasks: a new name for Facebook

Tasks: a new name for Facebook

According to the information, Facebook plans to create “Google”, that is, change the name of the parent company, which in the case of Google Alphabet was called six years ago. Snapchat, which is behind the social media of the same name, has taken a similar journey and changed its name to Snap.

According to The Verge’s source, the name change is in connection with Facebook’s investment in “metaversum”, a kind of new Internet where in a 3D environment you should be able to do everything that is on the “normal” Internet; Shopping, playing and communicating of course. By changing the name, the company will not only be associated with various social media, but a multifaceted company.

In practice, we will go from people who see us as a social media company to a metaversum, CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously said.

no success

For the average person, Facebook is known as a social media platform, but CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has invested heavily in several projects to develop the company, including the development of so-called augmented reality glasses. But despite the fact that 10,000 employees work only with the so-called “augmented reality”, this has not yet achieved a sales success.

At the same time, The Verge speculates that there are additional reasons for the name change – to wash away the company’s name because Facebook has recently had worse and worse days. The name change will also separate the different parts of the company from each other in a clearer way.

whistleblower’s back

It’s been a few weeks since whistleblower Frances Hogan was questioned in the US Senate about Facebook’s role. She has been highly critical of the way Facebook handled the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, DC. But above all, she leaked material to the Wall Street Journal about how Facebook-owned Instagram found in internal reporting that the media platform negatively affects young people’s body perception and self-esteem. However, the company has not made these conclusions publicly.

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What will be the name of the new company? It is not very clear. The Verge is speculating on “Horizon,” but claims the information will be presented on October 28.