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Taliban exclude schoolgirls - DN.SE

Taliban exclude schoolgirls – DN.SE

What now applies to Afghan schoolchildren?

The Ministry of Education targets students in grades 7-12 (13-19), which corresponds to our high school and our high school. But as I said, the statement is for boys only.

what does that mean?

Those who feared that the Taliban’s return to power would restrict the rights of girls and women seemed to be right. There were hopes that the Taliban would now be more “moderate” and would not implement the purely anti-women policies they pursued during their previous years in power, between 1996 and 2001. But as it stands, Afghanistan will remain the only country in the world that excludes half of its population from fully educated.

Taliban police patrol the streets of Kunduz, northeastern Afghanistan.

Photo: Oliver Wicken

Depriving girls of studying Does it have support in Islam?

No. Nowhere in the Qur’an is it mentioned that girls should be denied an education. As Ahmed Rashid wrote in his book “The Taliban”: The first act of the Prophet Muhammad was to give women rights.

In other words, the Taliban offer their own interpretation. And when the Taliban regime expelled girls from schools during their past in power, they did not rely on religion. They cited insecurity as a reason to keep girls away. Many are now afraid to use the same tactics this time as well.

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