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Brian Laundry, Gabi Pettito’s friend, has also disappeared

Gabe Pettito, 22, and her boyfriend were on a months-long trip to the US national parks.

But something happened and she’s been missing for three weeks.

Boyfriend Brian Laundry, 23, is back home – but he’s also gone now.

The last thing anyone saw of Gabriel “Gabi” Pettito was a picture she posted of herself on August 25.

She’s holding a small crocheted pumpkin in front of a tall mural with Ogden’s butterflies inside of it Utah.

The couple was on a long camping trip across the country.

Gabi Pettito and her boyfriend in the white buggy.

On September 1, boyfriend Brian Laundry, 23, came home Florida In his girlfriend’s rebuilt truck, a white Ford Transit — alone.

Brian Laundry refuses to speak

The last thing Gabe’s parents hear from her is a text message saying that there is no cell phone coverage in Yosemite National Park in California.

Nicole Schmidt, Gabe’s mother, doesn’t think her daughter wrote the letter.

The police tried to speak to Brian but he always refused.

Investigation of missing persons

In a statement, Brian Laundry and his family said they are “remaining in the background” while the police investigation continues.

Now his family says he too has been missing since Tuesday, according to reports BBC.

Police say the development is “disappointing”.

“For six days, the Northport Police Department and the FBI have asked the family to contact investigators,” they wrote in a statement Friday.

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“We are not investigating a crime. We are conducting several investigations into missing persons,” he added.

Brian is not gone.

On Friday, protesters gathered outside the Laundry family home, chanting “Where’s Gabby?”

Gabe Pettito.

Brian’s sister Cassandra told ABC News that she’s been following events through the news.

Of course, my family and I hope that Gabe will be found. She’s like a sister and my kids love her, all I want is for her to come home safely and securely, and that’s just a huge misunderstanding, she says.

But the family’s attorney Pettito does not believe that is the case.

Gaby’s entire family wants the world to know that Brian isn’t missing, he’s in hiding. Gabe is gone, he says.

Find Brian Laundrie.